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Established in 2019, We are a local family friendly axe throwing venue that is Veteran Owned & Operated. Looking to bring something new and fresh into Blount County and East Tennessee, we decided what better way than to bring the extremely fast growing sport of axe throwing to our back yard. To align with our vision of being a family friendly atmosphere, we decided to go the route of an alcohol free facility. We also currently do not have any TV’s. We want to bring back the feeling of living in the moment. Just you, your family or friends, the axe and the target; with no worries other than relieving some stress and building relationships!

Our goal is to bring you a refreshing experience into the world of axe throwing. We pride ourselves in providing a great hometown experience coupled with world class expertise from our coaches that, regardless of your throwing experience, will coach you into Smoky Mountain Axe Throwing success.

Whether you have never thrown axes, you used to throw them in the backyard with your dad, or if you are handy with the axe….we will ensure you have an Axe of a Time!
We want you to have fun but our goal is to also keep you safe. Each of our regulation axe throwing lanes has a dedicated Axe Coach that will show you how to throw an axe, keep score for you, and show you how to play different axe throwing games to make your experience truly amazing!
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